Families for Inclusive Education – Nova Scotia

Families For Inclusive Education (F4IE) is a non profit association that advocates for the rights of children with disabilities attending schools in Nova Scotia (Canada)

Who We Are

Families For Inclusive Education (F4IE) was founded by parents who are passionate about inclusive education and frustrated by the challenges we have faced in making inclusive education a reality for our children with disabilities. 

We believe inclusive education is a human right and a cornerstone of inclusive communities. For us, inclusive education is anchored in a social model of disability and promotes social justice. 

We want families to be supported to access inclusive education and for our government to be held accountable for progressive and inclusive policies and practices in NS. Currently focused on bringing diverse families together in the HRM, our long term goal is to reach families across the province.

What We Do

We bring families of children with disabilities in the HRM together to:

Connect in solidarity with families that have children with disabilities who are seeking inclusive education.

Collect the stories and experiences of families to strengthen the voice of families and inform advocacy efforts to strengthen inclusive education.

Create space (virtual and in-person) to share the knowledge and expertise of families on inclusive education.

2021-2022 Activities


  • Host 4 in-person information events for families in the HRM. These events will:
    • Share information.
    • Provide opportunities for families to share stories and experiences.

Build solidarity and connection.


  • A platform to unite and strengthen a vibrant family voice on inclusive education issues.
  • Enhanced capacity of families to effectively advocate for inclusive education and navigate the education system.
  • Development of family friendly practical tools and information.
  • A report on the situation of families in the HRM as it relates to accessing and achieving inclusive education.



Halifax, NS